Jazz Radio Stations in Canada

Frequency Call sign City Language
CKUA Radio CKUA Radio 94.9 FM CKUA-FM English
Ici Musique Ici Musique 90.3 FM HD CJBC-FM French
Ici Musique Ici Musique 100.7 FM CBFX-FM
Classique 92.7 Classique 92.7 92.7 FM CJSQ-FM
Quebec City
JAZZ.FM91 JAZZ.FM91 91.1 FM CJRT-FM English
CBC Music CBC Music 95.3 FM CBM-FM English
Ici Musique Ici Musique 90.9 FM CBUX-FM French
CBC Music CBC Music 105.7 FM CBU-FM English
CBC Music CBC Music 101.7 FM CBQ-FM English
Suite Jazz Radio Suite Jazz Radio
Richmond Hill

Enjoy listening to jazz radio stations. Jazz music was influenced by African motifs and European harmonies. Over time, jazz changed with national and regional influences. Jazz is characterized by swing and blues notes and complex chords.