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About Canada Radio Stations

Our site provides a list of stations that you can listen to for free. Simply choose your favourite radio station and click on the player button, and you can listen to live FM and AM radio streams from your smartphone online.

Radio stations are sorted by genre, language, city, and province in Canada, making it easy for you to find the radio you want by using the navigation in the top menu on each page of the site or by using the search function to find and listening to your favorite radio.

We have collected the best radio stations from major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and many more. The stations broadcast in English, French and other languages. The site also features radio stations from other countries and Internet radio stations from around the world that may be of interest to Canadians.

We continuously add to the list of radios, so you can find any internet radio station and enjoy listening. You can tell us through the Contact Us form what other radio stations you would like to see on our site.
You can write a review for a radio station on its page.

Enjoy listening to the radio!


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