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    • Whocorey Taylor54 40offspring - Baba O'rileybeyondocean Pearlpretty Fly (for A White Guy)
    • Corey Taylor54 40offspringcleopatrick - Beyondocean Pearlpretty Fly (for A White Guy)hometown
    • 54 40offspringcleopatrickiron Maiden - Ocean Pearlpretty Fly (for A White Guy)hometownrun To The Hills
    • Offspringcleopatrickiron Maidenred Hot Chili Peppers - Pretty Fly (for A White Guy)hometownrun To The Hillsby The Way
    • Cleopatrickiron Maidenred Hot Chili Peppersmatthew Good Band - Hometownrun To The Hillsby The Wayload Me Up

    About radio

    CHTZ-FM is a Canadian radio station serving St. Catharines, Ontario, and the surrounding area at 97.7 FM. The radio operates under the brand name 97.7 HTZ-FM, owned by Bell Media and launched on February 1, 1949. The station broadcasts an Active rock format and plays a mix of classic rock and newer rock songs. Its target audience is primarily males aged 25-54, and it offers regular news, weather, and traffic updates, as well as on-air contests and promotions.

    Language: English.

    Format: Rock.

    First air date: February 1, 1949

    Country: Canada

    Call sign: CHTZ-FM

    Owner: Bell Media

    Broadcast area Niagara Region


    • Everything That Rocks Everything That Rocks Tue-Fri 5AM-11:30AM / Sat 5AM-4PM & 10PM / Sun 11PM-11:30AM
    • The Soper & Brown Show The Soper & Brown Show Mon-Fri 11:30AM-4PM
    • Jonathon Howe Jonathon Howe Sat 4-10PM & Sun 6-12AM
    • Ashleigh Darrach Ashleigh Darrach Mon-Fri 4PM-8PM
    • Joey Bricks Joey Bricks Mon-Fri 8PM-1AM
    • TJ Connors TJ Connors Tue-Sat 2AM-6AM

    Radio frequencies

    Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

    • St. Catharines 97.7 FM

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