About radio

CIUT-FM is a radio station, that operated by the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and airs at 98.5 FM. The station broadcasts as campus and community radio. CIUT also airs programming on Punjabi and Urdu language produced by Sur Sagar Radio station. The radio was founded as a closed-circuit broadcaster in 1966.

Slogan: "Sound Of Your City"

Language: French, English.

Format: Campus, Community.

First air date: 1966

Call sign: CIUT-FM

Owner: University of British Columbia

Broadcast area Toronto area

Radio frequencies

Radio CIUT-FM broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

  • Toronto 89.5 FM

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Reviews about radio

  • Ahn
    Brilliant station. I cannot tolerate commercial radio for the annoying ads, repetitive pop songs, and mindless jabbering. CIUT is a sanctuary. Their domestic and international playlists are second to none.
  • Rod Thorne
    Great station and no ads. One of my favorite shows is the Taylor Report , but in the Archives ,the show is over a month behind. Please update it ! Keep up the good work.JRT
  • James Girard
    It's a great truly non-commercial radio in Toronto. I highly recommend CIUT. It provides you with information related to local and international events. All you need to be informed and for fun.
  • Mary Lavoie
    My favorite show on that radio is Funky Fridays, loving it! In general, I really like the variety of shows on this radio. Thank you guys)
  • Paul Kelly
    I love to listen this radio - real radio programmed by real people, a community of broadcasters of Toronto.