Sportsnet 960 (CFAC) is an AM radio station, located in Calgary, broadcasts at 960 frequency with a Sports format. CFAC serves the Calgary Metropolitan Region and Southern Alberta area. Managed by Rogers Media. Used for live broadcasts of the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Hitmen hockey teams, and for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. The station first signed on air on May 1, 1922.

Slogan: "Calgary's Sports Radio"

Language: English.

Format: Sports.

First air date: May 1, 1922

Call sign: CFAC

Owner: Sportsnet Radio


  • Boomer in the Morning Boomer in the Morning
  • Scott Rintoul Show Scott Rintoul Show
  • Hockey Central 960 Hockey Central 960
  • Calgary Flames Radio Calgary Flames Radio
  • Calgary Hitmen Radio Calgary Hitmen Radio


  • Dean Molberg Dean Molberg Boomer in the Morning show
  • Rhett Warrener Rhett Warrener Boomer in the Morning show host
  • Ryan Pinder Ryan Pinder Boomer in the Morning show host
  • Kelly Kirch Kelly Kirch Hockey Central 960
  • Pat Steinberg Pat Steinberg The Big Show
  • Will Nault Will Nault The Big Show
  • Hugh Burrill Hugh Burrill The Golf Show
  • Derek Wills Derek Wills Calgary Flames Radio
  • Peter Loubardias Peter Loubardias Calgary Flames Radio

Radio frequencies

Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

  • Calgary 960 AM

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Reviews about radio

  • Noah Martin
    Hey fellow sports fans! Let me tell you about my go-to radio station for all things sports - Sportsnet 960 (CFAC). Seriously, this station is a game-changer! I love tuning in online and immersing myself in their awesome sports coverage.
  • Sam
    I always listining to your station go back and play classic country again
  • Ross
    I'd listen to your station a lot more if it wasn't so full of static .
  • Al
    Wow wow wow how much did they pay the refs what the bs do they have against the flames years and years of bs goals that should have been in penalties that should have been called and there not calls they make against the flames that had no meaning all I have to say is the oilers really suck if they have to pay there way in as they really only have 2 tops three good players not the best but good all I have to say is flames got smoked out again as we know they are one of the best teams out there
  • Rob
    Hi Pat, a comment for you . I do feel that the Flames are getting out worked. They outworked teams most of the year. Joe Pevelski has stuck it to the flames for a number of years and continues to do so. Is there any reason the they shouldn’t pay more attention to him since he has two winnings goals? So hit the guy and pay more attention to him?
  • Philip B DiGiovanni
    my favorite radio station in Calgary
  • fred
    less commercials please