Classic Rock Radio Stations in Canada

Frequency Call sign City Language
91.7 Giant FM 91.7 Giant FM 91.7 FM CIXL-FM
95.7 Cruz FM 95.7 Cruz FM 95.7 FM CKEA-FM English
Classic Rock 107.9 Classic Rock 107.9 107.9 FM CHUC-FM English
Rock 101 Rock 101 101.1 FM CFMI-FM English
Q103 Q103 103.1 FM CJMO-FM English
95.7 Elmnt 95.7 Elmnt 95.7 FM CFPO-FM English
K 96.3 Kelowna K 96.3 Kelowna 96.3 FM CKKO-FM English
Rock 107 Rock 107 107.1 FM CJTN-FM
97.5 K-Rock 97.5 K-Rock 97.5 FM VOCM-FM
St. John's
98.7 K-Rock 98.7 K-Rock 98.7 FM CKXD-FM
96.3 Big FM 96.3 Big FM 96.3 FM CFMK-FM English
IROCK247 IROCK247 English
Classic Rock 109 Classic Rock 109 Online English
102.3 K-Rock 102.3 K-Rock 102.3 FM CKXG-FM
Grand Falls-Windsor
103.9 K-Rock 103.9 K-Rock 103.9 FM CKXX-FM
Corner Brook
K-97 K-97 97.3 FM CIRK-FM
Logan Lake
Z98.9 Red Deer Z98.9 Red Deer 98.9 FM CIZZ-FM English

Classic rock is a radio format that evolved in the early 1980s. So, radios that played album-oriented rock began to play rock songs that adults listen to. These were mostly songs expressing the values of romanticism, self-aggrandizement and peaceful ideologies. You can listen to one of Canada's Classic rock radio stations by choosing from the list on this page.