CKDX-FM is a radio station from Newmarket, Ontario, serves the Greater Toronto Area at 88.5 FM, and branded as Lite 88.5. CKDX plays a soft adult contemporary format and owned by Evanov Communications. That radio station was branded Jewel 88.5, until October 1, 2021.

Slogan: "Today's Lite Hits & Yesterday's Favourites"

Language: English.

Format: Soft Adult Contemporary, Pop.

First air date: February 28, 1980

Call sign: CKDX-FM

Owner: Evanov Communications

Broadcast area Greater Toronto Area

Jewel 88.5 sister stations


    • Neil Diamond - Forever In Blue Jeans
    • Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
    • George Benson - Give Me The Night
    • Aretha Franklin - Respect
    • April Wine - I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your


    • Gary and Stacey in the Morning Gary and Stacey in the Morning
    • Aging Better in Uncertain Times Aging Better in Uncertain Times


    • Stacey Englehart Stacey Englehart
    • Gary Gamble Gary Gamble
    • Kent Chambers Kent Chambers
    • Doctor Fabio Varlese Doctor Fabio Varlese

    Radio frequencies

    Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

    • Newmarket 88.5
    • Toronto

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    Reviews about radio

    • Gerry Pettle
      I have written and recorded a Christmas song could I send you a copy to listen to and perhaps you will play it
    • Jim Cooper
      Your programming after 8.00pm is boring, repetitive,and out of date. You need NEW pre-recorded play lists. I listen through the day then change stations at night.
    • J. Crown
      Whats up with the lounge play list. We use to love it. Now you include disco in the lounge?? Sorry..adios
    • Jodie Cranstoun
      LITE sounds like so many other radio stations. JEWEL's format was UNIQUE and played music we don't hear anywhere else. Such a disappointment. You lost a long-time loyal listener (along with several friends and family members as well).
    • Michel Ellis
      When the radio was called Jewel, it was better than today's Light. ..they play the same songs at least several times a day... even though i love all the hosts..Roger Ashby`s oldies was the best! I'm sad.
    • Jack Ward
      I'm from Toronto, and I love listening to Jewel 88.5. Perfect mix for home, and work, it would be nice if Jewel would play more of 70's tunes.
    • Audrey
      So disappointed in your station this year. I so look forward to listening to your amazing Christmas music which even included non secular music but this year only sporadic Christmas music and almost all secular. I understand yo7 have to be “politically correct” but VERY disappointing.
    • Wayne Downey
      Where is Roger Ashby? It's 4:23pm on Saturday, October 16, 2021 and Roger is NOT on your station. Saturdays from 4 to 7pm and Sundays from 9am to 12 noon are his broadcast times and days. So, where is he. Please put him back on. He is the only reason why I listen to Jewel 88.5 (or now Lite 88.5 for some stupid reason).