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  • Playlist

    • Ad|Main - Commercial Break -
    • Van Halen - Why Can't This Be Love
    • Steve Winwood - Roll With It
    • Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain
    • Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright

    About radio

    Zoomer Radio (CFZM) is a radio station, broadcasts an Adult Standards format, serves the Toronto Area at frequency 740 AM. Also, uses repeater on 96.7 FM range in downtown Toronto and digital broadcast on 96.3 HD2. CFZM owned by ZoomerMedia. The station first aired on 1956. Its original frequency was 1250 AM until January 8, 2001.

    Slogan: "Zoomer Hits"

    Language: English.

    Format: Oldies.

    First air date: 1956

    Call sign: CFZM

    Owner: ZoomerMedia

    Broadcast area Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario, Western New York

    Sister stations

    Zoomer radio shows

    • Morning Zoom Morning Zoom Sam and Jane Mon-Fri 6am-10am
    • Top 10 at 10 Top 10 at 10 Robbie Lane Mon-Fri 10am-11am
    • Next 11 at 11 Next 11 at 11 Mon-Fri 11am-12pm
    • Number Ones at One Number Ones at One Mon-Fri 1:00pm-2pm
    • Stardust Stardust Mon-Fri 11pm-12am
    • Midnight Blue Midnight Blue Mon-Fri 12am-1am
    • All Night Jukebox All Night Jukebox Daily 1am-6am
    • From a Woman's Perspective From a Woman's Perspective Saturday 8am-8:30am
    • Garden Show Garden Show Sat 9am-10am
    • Live in the City Live in the City Sat 2:00pm–3:30pm
    • Celebrity Spotlight Celebrity Spotlight Sat 3:30pm-4:30pm
    • Saturday Night Bandstand Saturday Night Bandstand Sat 7pm-1am
    • Vintage Favourites Vintage Favourites Sunday 2:00pm-4:30pm
    • Conspiracy Show Conspiracy Show Sun 11pm-1am
    • Face the Music Face the Music Thu, Fri 2pm-3pm
    • Big Band Sunday Night Big Band Sunday Night Sun 7pm–8pm


    • Eva D Eva D
    • Jane Brown Jane Brown
    • Libby Znaimer Libby Znaimer
    • Charlie Dobbin Charlie Dobbin
    • Frank Proctor Frank Proctor
    • Larry Jackson Larry Jackson
    • Ziggy Ziggy

    Radio frequencies

    Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

    • Toronto 740 AM / 96.7 FM / 96.3 HD-2

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    Reviews about radio

    • Deborah Harborcreek Pa
      I am new with my Short Wave Radio……unfortunately Iam a Motown Music listener…….but I listened to you because you came in Loud and Clear👍
      Cycle the SAME SONGS ad infinitum ! They must have a 200 song playlist-and that's it......So....like others-I changed radio stations supplement with a youtube playlist.
    • David Cordovi
      Too much talk, commercials and left politics. Better 1220 am from St Catherine
    • Stephen Cascanette
      I used to listen to a lot of these songs on a small tinny transistor radio.They sound so much better in stereo!
    • Jimmy
      Found out about this station from Todderbert! And love it!
    • Phillip Yapsam
      How can I find out the name of a song that was played on June 13th between 11:30 - 11-45 am. It was played as part of a countdown list. Thanks
    • Marty Ewald
      I always listen to the show Saturday Night Jive. Excellent the music selection, very fun contests. Zoomer is groovy. It have many loyal listeners and friends around the world on the internet.
    • Ward Taylor
      I like hosts like the Jane Brown as well as Happy Gang, Neil and Jane! It makes my day go smoothly. So much fun in the morning - great music, just the right amount of important news by Zoomer.
    • John Moerbeek
      AM 740 is the only I listen everywhere — in the house and in the car. I love the oldies format. And also Zoomer has a very interesting shows as well as Live in the City with interesting information about Toronto..