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News 1130 (CKWX) is a commercial AM radio station served the Greater Vancouver area at 1130 frequency, and located the in the Fairview neighborhood. The station launched on April 1, 1923 by Arthur “Sparks” Holstead. The call sign of the radio was CFDC, but after change of location and the opening the new studios, it started using the currently call letters. Today, the owner is Rogers Sports & Media.
CKWX broadcasts a breaking news, weather and traffic information. On this radio you may listen Twin Cities News Talk show, hosted by Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, inspired by Rush Limbaugh.

Slogan: "Vancouver's Breaking News, Traffic and Weather Station"

Language: English.

Format: News.

First air date: April 1, 1923

Call sign: CKWX

Owner: Rogers Sports & Media


  • Ben Wilson Ben Wilson
  • Adam Forsythe Adam Forsythe
  • Ashley Burr Ashley Burr
  • Vanessa Doban Vanessa Doban
  • Azzaya Khan Azzaya Khan
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Radio frequencies

Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

  • Vancouver 1130 AM / 96.9 HD2

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