105.3 Virgin Radio (CFCA-FM) is a radio station licensed to Kitchener, Ontario, airs at 105.3 FM, with Top 40/CHR format. The station was launched at 1949. The studios are located in Waterloo. Is owned by Bell Media and is the 8th station of the Virgin Radio since July 26, 2016.

Slogan: "Kitchener's #1 Hit Music Station"

Language: English.

Format: Top 40, Hits, Pop.

First air date: 1949

Call sign: CFCA-FM

Owner: Virgin Radio

Sister stations


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  • Laura Geddes Laura Geddes I was raised in beautiful BC AKA Bruce County Ontario, a small town called Ripley (don’t even start to make the joke, ok?). I learned to get a transport truck up to full speed before I drove a car by myself down the road. My hobbies include hiking my giant dog Limbo, lifting things up and putting them down (that’s what I call the gym), and hording houseplants (the cycle that I kill them is almost identical to the cycle that I get new ones), perhaps I top these hobbies off with a shot of whiskey or two. Fluent in farmer slang. I eat chocolate every single day and strongly believe that a hot dog is not a sandwich.
  • Ruby Carr Ruby Carr I was born in Ontario on my due date and I've been on time ever since. I like to exercise, and at one point I could do almost two unassisted chin ups. I watch a lot of trash reality television. If there was ever a dating show on a deserted island where they have to wear elaborate costumes and answer trivia questions while making an extreme cake, I'd be in heaven.* When I was young my Mom bribed me with chocolate pudding to do ballet. And I still work for chocolate pudding to this day.
  • Sarah Christie Sarah Christie Sarah Christie is a music lover that will find any excuse to talk about Beyonce. Although she claims to hate karaoke, she often finds herself on stage at karaoke bars. She once travelled to LA to see The Ellen Degeneres show and cried…Multiple times. When Sarah isn’t on air chatting with listeners, you’ll likely spot her asking to pet someone’s dog.
  • Kara Judge Kara Judge The girl that talks a lot. Yep, that's me. So why not do it for a living?! I'm a small town girl who grew up picking tobacco in Tillsonburg. Married a guy I met on a blind date. Two kids and a dog later, I'm surrounded by all boys at home! I'm a certified Meteorologist. So you can ask me about the weather, but don't blame me for it. Chocolate and sugar are food groups in my world. Dental records and a couple tattoos to prove it!
  • Luke Rodriguez Luke Rodriguez It’s rare for a person to end up working the job they always wanted, and that’s what makes Luke stand out. He’s been honing his craft since the age of 13 and doing everything it takes to land a job in broadcasting. Virgin Radio Toronto has been Luke’s favourite station since he was a kid, which is what makes him so relatable to the listener: he’s a fan first and foremost.
  • DJ Starting From Scratch DJ Starting From Scratch Revered as one of the top 100 most powerful people in music, DJ Starting from Scratch is considered one of the greatest. Originally from Montreal, Scratch moved to Toronto during high school where he was first introduced to the art of DJing. He explored the music world alongside childhood friends like Director X and Russell Peters.


Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

  • Kitchener 105.3 FM



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