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Bounce Radio 800 (CKOR) is a Canadian radio station with Adult Hits format, located in Penticton, British Columbia. The station officially began broadcasting in 1946, as a rebroadcaster of CKOV, and since September it became a separate radio. Earlier it was named EZ Rock, and on May 18, 2021, was flipped to the Bounce Radio branding.

Slogan: "The Music You Just Can't Quit!"

Language: English.

Format: Adult Hits, Pop.

First air date: December, 1946 / September, 1948

Call sign: CKOR

Owner: Bounce Radio

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Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM or AM:

  • Penticton 800 AM

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  • John Fleming
    Hello, It's great to have a rock station other than that crap they play on 97.fm. But could you please change the format of songs. you play the same songs at the same time every day. there are a lot more rock songs, could you play more pink floyd, rush, ac/dc, boston, april wine, led zepplin, alice cooper, trooper, page and plant, , nazareth, deep purple? thanks for playing rock and roll.